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This semester seems too good to be true

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I really don't have much to do for spring semester because I took classes during winter break. The credits you take durring winter session counts toward your spring class load. This means I don't need to take more than 8 credits and I will still be considered full time! I'm taking 12 credits worth anyways but even those classes seem really easy. I'm taking an addictions class that I've heard from other people is an easy A even though it's a 300 level course. I'm also taking a disability class which is a 400 level class which looks pretty easy too. I've taken a class rom the teacher last semester and he held your hand through the whole semester. It's almost impossible to not pass his class. I'm also taking 3 credits worth of advanced supervised research but the hours are flexible and my lab supervisor seems too busy with his own stuff to keep a tight leash on his research students, so it'll be another easy A. Then I have a modern dance class and a belly dance conditioning class. Neither of which require work outside the class. My psych classes generally take up most of my time but it looks like I get to be a total slacker! Sound like I can work on more volunteer stuff. Which is probably a good thing because I don't have a whole lot of extra ciricular activities to put down when applying to grad school.
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