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I had a horrific dream last night that I've been fretting about all day....

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A lot of the dream that I remember is a chunks of random pieces that don't seem to fit too well so it's difficult to explain. I remember being in a University psych office. I was trying to find information about becoming a dance therapist and I was trying to get certain tasks done that my dance therapist advisor asked me to. In real life I have no dance therapist advisor but for some reason I did in my dream. He was dissappointed in my finished projects which was devastating to me. However, he did tell me that he saw potential in me and that I could be a dance therapist if I only applied myself and that he believed in me and blah, blah, blah. You get the point. I felt better after he gave me the pep talk. The next thing I know, I'm on the computer looking at a profile online that reminded me of Justin. It seemed to me that I was keeping tabs on him but I have no clue why. It kind of reminded me when I was still with Justin and he was off in Iraq and I'd constantly look for updates on his myspace page. Then I remember going to sleep in my dream and through my dream I ended up at his house, or at least it was his house in the dream and he wasn't there. The place had almost no furniture in it and it was pitch dark and the floor and walls were all dark mahogony wood. I don't remember exactly what I did in that house but I think I may have done some snooping around. All I know for sure is that whatever I found it that house greatly upset me. Then I remember going to sleep the next night and being back at his house again except this time he was home. I was enraged and appaulled just by the sight of him and I remember yelling at him. I don't remember everything that I yelled at him about but I do remember complaining to him that his baby (it wasn't Vincent it was some other baby) didn't have enough oxygen to breath and it was all his fault. I questioned his competence as a caretaker and told him he should just give the baby to me and that I would take care of it much better than he ever could. I remember how devastated he looked and how defeated he was. Then I woke up. The entire dream is incredibly upsetting to me and what makes matters worse is that I can't figure out the interpertation. Usually once I figure out what it means I feel so much better but I can't even do that. It's so odd, I don't think I've ever not been able to come up with some interpertation before. I did a bit of consultation with my spirit guide and he seems to think the dream has to do with the conflict me and Justin have concerning Vincent. I'm a little dubious about that as the baby I yelled at him about was not Vincent and he wasn't present in the dream at all. However, I guess it's better than nothing.
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