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I've realized that I am usually on a campus computer quite often…

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I've realized that I am usually on a campus computer quite often during school. I start off working on something that has to do with my classes but often times I have time left over before my next class starts. The left over time is usually spent on surfing the web. I've realized that I probably could have spent that time writing an entry on here. Ooops. I'm trying to get more regular on here but getting my shit together is harder than anticipated.

I've been a little overwelmed about my workload and it left me slacking off on other things in my life. Unfortunetly, I tend to me a little extreme in my behavior. I have a difficult time finding that ever elusive happy medium. In order for me to find it I have to experience both extremes to their full potention. Only then can I find an appropriate middle ground. I think I'm starting to get a hang of the workload, at least to some degree. Hopefully, this is leading to a way to balance house work, child rearing, classwork and recreation without me having to sacrifice sleep in order to do so. LOL. I can dream anyways.
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